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Welcome to Big Time Tattoos & Piercings, a locally owned and operated tattoo studio serving the Indianapolis area. Our talented artists are here to work with you to ensure that each tattoo is as unique and beautiful as the individual receiving it!
Featuring the very finest in both custom and flash tattoo artistry. Covering everything from Traditional to New Skool, Color Bomb to Black & Grey, Portraits, cover-ups, custom lettering and much more. From simple phrases and designs to elaborate, customized projects, we have the range, equipment, and talent to make it happen.
Remember, a tattoo is forever, which is why we encourage you to check out our gallery online. Come on through or give us a call, our award winning staff is sure make your next tattoo a pleasurable experience. Don’t trust your artwork and your body to just anyone! Call Big Time Tattoos & Piercings at (317) 791-8111 today to schedule an appointment!


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Originating in late 2012, as Big Tyme Tattoos, inspired by the desire to develop a studio a bit different from the industry standard. Attempting a loose knit co-operative of very talented artists, adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness, the consistent production of quality work and always keeping prices affordable. The location itself holds a wealth of Indianapolis tattooing history, previously existing as a tattoo shop for many years, gracing such famous organizations as New Breed, Skin Quake, and Icon; and such standout names as Monte Agee, Saint Mark, and the Haas Brothers just to name a few. Big Time Tattoos and Piercings is a relatively young operation but endeavors to carry on the same outstanding tradition laid by its predecessors. Always striving to work with any project that comes through the door, big or small, and usually able to work with even the tightest budget.

Bill was awesome! I was nervous about it but he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and talked to me through the whole tattoo.
Jamie S.



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Originally hailing from the Detroit area, and an artist from an early age, the type of kid that Mother would hide the crayons from, kind of like Warhol on acid in diapers. Years of ineffective attempts to stifle an unashamed creativity failed, Bill still emerged a prolific self-taught custom painter, tackling everything from jackets, jet skies, wall murals, and more while working with both hand painting and airbrushing.
Collegiate pursuits dove headlong into four years of intensive study, majoring in Graphic Design and a minor in Fine Arts. A large portion of this focused on developing creative solutions specific to a client’s marketing needs, managing entire projects from idea inception to finished comps and meeting required deadlines, followed by close to fifteen years of successfully building an extensive portfolio of work and clientele as a freelance designer.
Ambitious to explore another professional but less restrictive art form, Bill switched gears to the medium of tattooing, relocating to Indianapolis and now with close to six years shop experience and enough skill to handle just about any job: black-and-gray realism, new school, cover-ups and more. Bill’s relaxed persona makes for a worry-free experience, along with enough insight to successfully manage even the most challenging of requests.



JC was born in Indianapolis and raised on the Eastside. He has been practicing the fine art of tattooing since 2009. JC has been creating art as far back as he can remember. It is one of his biggest passions in life and he is extremely dedicated to consistently improving upon his skills. JC especially enjoys collaborating with his clients to design creative and long lasting custom tattoos. He is attracted to most art and tattoo styles, but is particularly inspired by larger projects involving flowing compositions in a variety of colors done with an illustrative approach. When not tattooing JC gets into other forms of art like, painting with acrylic and oils, airbrushing. He also loves to just ride his motorcycle and listen to wind in his ear. He has been married to his beautiful and talented wife April since 2010, and has three beautiful daughters.



Froggy was born in Tucson Az, in 1981. He’s been interested in body modification, tattoos, and piercings since he was a child. Being stifled by his religious family was a constant struggle he eventually overcame and made them proud when they saw his ambition and creativity blossom into a successful career. He enjoyed the time he spent in the desert, and had a great following back in the southwest. He has been piercing professionally since 1999. After an extensive apprenticeship, he even went to college for 2 years to study anatomy/physiology (with primary focus on the skin), and psychology to further his understanding of the body and mind of his “would-be” clientele. After a failed attempt to join the military, and not tied to a spouse or children, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and headed east. He’s been here in Indianapolis since September 2014, living life in the Big Time (pun intended). He can pierce anything from ear lobes to genitalia, microdermals, surface piercings, stretching and re-opening piercings as well. He’s a well mannered and polite, happy and positive, pile of energetic awesomeness. Come see him for ALL your piercing needs.

The place is very clean and they offer nice products!  The prices are great for their procedures and they offer a lot for guys and girls!
Lea G.






Is it sterile and safe?

­We are compliant with both state and county Board of Health guidelines, and receive periodic inspections from the Marion County Board of Health. The results of those inspections are kept on record with the aforementioned agency. Throughout the procedure, every item is bagged or barrier film protected. All needles and tubes are single­ use disposable items. Every item used during the procedure that is not disposable, such as tattoo machines, chair etc. is
cleansed with a medical grade disinfectant; Cavicide. Any item that does require steam or chemical sterilization, such as piercing forceps are autoclaved, and monitored monthly by The I.U. School of Dentistry. We pride ourselves on being a clean and sterile shop, and going that extra yard to ensure your safety.

What type of pigments do we use?

­We only use U.S. manufactured pigments, purchased direct from manufacturers or distributors approved by manufacturer. Eternal , Intenze, Silverback are the brands we stand by, each of which are labeled with manufacture date, expiration date, and lot & batch number. Also these brands meet the European standards set by the E.U. Resolution ResAP(2008)1.

Do we take Walk Ins?

­We sure do, but it’s always best to call first to check to see if artists have previously scheduled appointments. Also consider larger more elaborate designs may require some drawing preparation which may require setting an appointment.

What should I do to properly prepare for my tattoo?

­Avoid caffeine for 24 hours, eat a good meal, and be well rested. If the area to be tattooed is sunburnt you will, unfortunately, be turned down until area is no longer affected. Obviously, DO NOT come in drunk, this WILL NOT help you, in fact it will cause excessive bleeding that will result in a faded, spotty tattoo. And, more than likely, severely aggregate your artist. Think of your tattoo as having a warranty; if you don’t follow the artist’s instructions, you might void the warranty and he or she won’t give you free touch-ups. Remember: tattoo artists want your tattoo to heal perfectly and look good just as much as you do, so they shouldn’t give you any poor advice. The following instructions may vary slightly from what your tattoo artist tell you, but should serve as a good guideline.




Can I bring you my IDEA, and have you draw the final design?

­We sure do, but it’s always best to call first to check to see if artists have previously scheduled appointments. Also consider larger more elaborate designs may require some drawing preparation which may require setting an appointment.

Can we do 'Cover-Up' tattoos, or can we tattoo over scars or stretch marks?

­We can do “Cover­-Ups”, but those are tattoos we approach with extra care. To successfully hide an existing nightmare as well as addressing the clients concerns for a new tattoo can be extremely difficult, therefore we do require some drawing preparation. Only a rare few tattoos require laser treatments for lightening, before we can do our work. Scars and stretch marks also present difficulties, and likewise depends on age and severity of damaged tissue. Sometimes we can tattoo directly over the area, and others we will have to strategically design around those areas. If absolutely necessary, the artist may strongly suggest against tattooing that area altogether and finding another area to place the design.

Can I get tattooed if I am under the age of eighteen?

State code does not stipulate on age as long as there is parental consent. In this case, the parent will need to be present for the entire procedure, both the parent and child will need some form of photo I.D., plus the physical Birth Certificate of child, will need to be presented. Here at Big Time, we try to be very conscientious of age, we limit our under age tattoo clients to family member commemorations, cancer support ribbons and such. We are extremely opposed to tattooing any one under the age of 16.

What is our policy on 'Touch­-Ups'?

­­We stand by our work, but do realize that different skins types and/or projects may require different approaches. We will honor one free touch­-up session on any particular piece that we have done to ensure customer satisfaction.

What if I have a latex allergy?

­­­Gloves are the only latex­-based product used during the procedure. Merely let us know and we will switch to a nitrile­ based glove product.

Can I get a tattoo or piercing while pregnant, or breast feeding?

­Definitely not! Any trauma you experience, so will the baby.

Am I expected to tip my artist?

­­­It’s not a mandatory practice, but all artists do work on a commission, so it is greatly appreciated. As with any service based industry, that remains in the customer’s desire to show gratitude of a great experience.

What does the aftercare consist of, and what can I expect for healing time?

­The skin following a tattoo has, in effect, been damaged, leaving you with an abrasion, when you leave the tattoo studio, the care of your tattooed skin becomes and is your responsibility. The quality of your finished tattoo will be affected by the aftercare you have used and your care of your skin during the healing process.



  • Never touch your new tattoo without first washing your hands thoroughly with a liquid antibacterial hand soap and always wash your hands after touching your tattoo.
  • ­Wash the tattoo gently three to four times daily with a liquid antibacterial hand soap. This is done to reduce the possibilities of infection and the washing process can actually prevent the protein, Hemoglobin, from forming a scab. Do not scrub, but gently massage hot water and soap into tattooed area. Pat dry with a clean towel. Your new tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such.
  • After cleansing, apply a very thin coat of the suggested ointment by your tattoo artist and massage in the tattooed area as well (it’s more about getting the ointment into the skin, rather than just a coat on the surface). Apply the ointment periodically throughout the day as needed to keep the area moist, but do not oversaturate the area, as it will “smother” your tattoo and prolong your healing time. Do not let the area dry out!
  • Please remember NO direct sunlight, chlorine pools, and hot tubs, tanning booths or beds, or swimming in lakes, streams, rivers, etc. for at least two weeks! Do not soak tattoo in the tub or shower ­ get in, get clean, and get out!
  • Do not use Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Noxzema, etc. on tattooed areas. Do not use alcohol or peroxide.
  • Remember if a scab should form, DO NOT PICK or SCRATCH AT IT!



  • The area of skin following a tattoo is an open wound. On the skin, quite often the bacteria, Staphylococci, live quite harmlessly and are a normal part of life. However, once the skin is broken, there is the potential for the skin to be susceptible to these bacteria. Although not common, if your skin becomes infected, whether due to improper aftercare or for no apparent reason, you may need to visit your general practitioner. Lightly wash the area and recover with a dressing to absorb any excess fluid. If the area starts to settle down within 24 hours, your body’s own defense mechanism may be dealing with the infection. If there are no improvements, a visit to your doctor would be advisable.
  • ­Problems often occur when:
    The tattoo is handled without first washing your hands and by using inappropriate agents for cleansing and healing.
    The tattoo is subjected to harsh chemicals or conditions (chlorine, direct sunlight, tanning beds, etc). Also, the tattoo is subjected to bacteria (in hot tubs, pools, lakes, rivers, tanning beds, etc).
    When the tattoo is neglected and aftercare is not followed.
  • ­

  • On a lighter note, the majority of people, whether it is their first tattoo or one of many, experience no problems during the healing process and, using a good quality aftercare product, find that their skin heals easily with very little or no symptoms of discomfort. The cells of your skin were damaged during the tattooing process and the recovery of these cells will be aided by your choice of aftercare.

  • ­This varies from person to person, but a good average to follow would be that the skin surface should be in a fairly recovered condition within about 2 weeks. But do keep in mind that the complete healing process takes roughly a month for deeper tissue to fully recover.


    What type of jewelry do you use?

    ­Here at Big Time Tattoos and Piercings, we pride ourselves on the quality of jewelry we provide for our clients. Our jewelry is internally threaded 316LVM ASTM F­138 implant grade steel from Anatomical, Metal Mafia, and LeRoi. Most starter jewelry is what would be ideal for healing the new piercing. Afterward, more “custom” jewelry may be requested, ordered, and inserted.­

    How long does a piercing take to heal and how long do I need to wear the starter jewelry before I can change it?

    ­­Placement of the piercing/location on the body varies with each piercing, and so does the healing time from person to person. Most piercings can be changed out after around 2 months.

    What should I avoid using to clean my new piercing?

    ­­When taking care of a new piercing, there are products that will hinder or prolong the healing of your piercing. Rubbing/isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and soaps/body washes with heavy fragrances should never be used to clean/heal a new piercing. These products can dry out a piercing and cause more damage to the skin thus increasing discomfort and heal time.

    Can I go swimming with my new piercing?

    ­Submerging a fresh/healing piercing under water is NOT recommended. Any bacteria, germs, dirt, etc in the water can cause complications and possible infection in new piercings.­

    Can I get my piercing done with a 'piercing gun'?

    ­­We do not EVER pierce with a “piercing gun.” Those cause blunt force trauma to the skin and can increase the chance of infection and an uneasy healing process. Also, “piercing guns” have plastic parts and cannot be properly sterilized.

    Is the equipment and needles clean/ sterile?

    ­­Every piercing needle is single­ use only and is disposed of immediately after use in a biohazard container. Our jewelry is also single­ use only, once a piece of jewelry is put in a client, it will never be accepted back or reused by our shop. All the stainless steel equipment is cleansed in a hospital grade cleanser, scrubbed, and sterilized in an autoclave. Our sterilization practices are also tested and approved once a month through the IU School of Dentistry.

    Can a minor get a piercing?

    ­We care about our client’s safety and parental approval for all procedures done. We require ALL minors to be accompanied by their parent/guardian and must present photo identification from the minor and parent, along with the minor’s birth certificate.­

    How long will my piercing be sore/swollen?

    ­­Most piercings will be sore and uncomfortable as the body is not used to the foreign object. As with many superficial wounds to the skin, this temporary discomfort subsides after a brief time. Soreness will vary from person to person, and also be determined by the location of the piercing. Following the healing instructions provided will help reduce soreness and swelling.



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