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     Welcome to Big Time Tattoos & Piercings, a locally owned and operated tattoo studio serving the Indianapolis area. Our talented artists are here to work with you to ensure that each tattoo is as unique and beautiful as the individual receiving it!
    Featuring the very finest in both custom and flash tattoo artistry. Covering everything from Traditional to New Skool, Color Bomb to Black & Grey, Portraits, cover-ups, custom lettering and much more. From simple phrases and designs to elaborate, customized projects, we have the range, equipment, and talent to make it happen.
     Remember, a tattoo is forever, which is why we encourage you to check out our gallery online. Come on through or give us a call, our award winning staff is sure make your next tattoo a pleasurable experience. Don’t trust your artwork and your body to just anyone! Call Big Time Tattoos & Piercings at (317) 791-8111 today to schedule an appointment!




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     Originally hailing from the Detroit area, and an artist from an early age, the type of kid that Mother would hide the crayons from  Bill still emerged a prolific self-taught custom painter, tackling everything from jackets, jet skies, wall murals, and more while working with both hand painting and airbrushing.
     Collegiate pursuits dove headlong into four years of intensive study, majoring in Graphic Design and a minor in Fine Arts. A large portion of this focused on developing creative solutions specific to a client’s marketing needs, managing entire projects from idea inception to finished comps and meeting required deadlines, followed by close to fifteen years of successfully building an extensive portfolio of work and clientele as a freelance designer.
     Ambitious to explore another professional but less restrictive art form, Bill switched gears to the medium of tattooing, relocating to Indianapolis and now with close to six years shop experience and enough skill to handle just about any job: black-and-gray realism, new school, cover-ups and more. Bill’s relaxed persona makes for a worry-free experience, along with enough insight to successfully manage even the most challenging of requests.





Froggy was born in Tucson Az, in 1981. He’s been interested in body modification, tattoos, and piercings since he was a child. Being stifled by his religious family was a constant struggle he eventually overcame and made them proud when they saw his ambition and creativity blossom into a successful career. He enjoyed the time he spent in the desert, and had a great following back in the southwest. He has been piercing professionally since 1999. After an extensive apprenticeship, he even went to college for 2 years to study anatomy/physiology (with primary focus on the skin), and psychology to further his understanding of the body and mind of his “would-be” clientele. After a failed attempt to join the military, and not tied to a spouse or children, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and headed east. He’s been here in Indianapolis since September 2014, living life in the Big Time (pun intended). He can pierce anything from ear lobes to genitalia, microdermals, surface piercings, stretching and re-opening piercings as well. He’s a well mannered and polite, happy and positive, pile of energetic awesomeness. Come see him for ALL your piercing needs.



5353 Madison Ave.
Indianapolis, In 46227



Monday - Saturday: 12pm - 8pm
​Sunday: Closed

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